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The Wet Whistle, Co.



The Wet Whistle Co. is a coffee shop in Archdale, North Carolina. The coffee shop has proven to be a staple piece of Archdale over it's 9-year existence. My role here was to provide the digital assets needed to develop an online ordering platform and mobile application for customers to place orders through. In preparation for the application launch, I developed and deployed various advertisements across the shops social media outlets and began digital marketing campaigns to promote the launch of the new application.

On April 29th of 2022, the app was released. Over a 3-day period from Friday to Sunday, the shop experienced a 30% increase* in sales when compared to typical weekend numbers. With over 8000* orders placed over the weekend, business was up 6* fold. The campaigns and application were an objective success.

Today, I continue to provide support to the coffee shop in various forms.

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